About us

The Branch Blind Advantage

There is no better camouflage than the real thing. Natural branches break up the hunter's silhouette and can be changed with the seasons in any environment.

Parents and children can enjoy the bonding experience of creating the perfect camouflage.

Branch Blind melts into the background unlike the typical box blind, which often takes away from the natural ambiance of the land.

Achieve a more natural feel in your outdoor experience.

One of a Kind
Open design eliminates "hot box" effect
No more need to match camo patterns
No place for bees, snakes, or other dangerous pests

Make It Your Own

Create your own shooting portals
Sizes range to accommodate one to eight people
Use natural habitat to create your camo
Perfect for attaching fabric or mirrors
Wheelchair accessible

Get Up Close and Personal
Sled base makes for easy towing
Optional trailer base for portability
Light enough to be pulled by an ATV
Fits easily in the bed of the truck

Built Tough

Strong powder coated angle iron frame
3/4 inch treated ply wood
Double deck coated

Branch Blind's unparalleled adaptability makes it perfect for any professional hunting operation.